Diesel Gives Back
Shorty Rossi, Hollywood Reality TV Star, enjoys his personal favorite: Diesel Shorty
Shorty Rossi with Hercules and Geisha
In 2009, Shorty Rossi - star of the hit reality show "Pit Boss" - expressed his love of Diesel Unholy Cocktail. After a few visits to our Nicaraguan factory, an idea was born to craft an exclusive size in this blend for his personal enjoyment. Something shorter but fatter with a punch to suit Shorty’s personal tastes. Diesel Shorty Edition was spawned.

Over the years, we at Diesel have gotten to know Shorty very well. He is a verified cigar nut and dedicated advocate for premium cigars as much as he is for his dogs. It is not uncommon to find Shorty at Diesel events alongside his Pit Bull, Hercules, shaking hands and talking to fellow enthusiasts about the Diesel brand. And if you ever watch his show, there’s no doubt you will see him burning through a Diesel Shorty Edition on a regular basis. We at Diesel greatly respect his work with Pit Bull Rescue. For this reason, we donate a portion of the proceeds from Diesel Shorty Edition sales to benefit his rescue program.